Meet the Butterfields

Alex Butterfield is as versatile and lovely as her horses. A natural rider and athlete, Alex has been an integral part of WindDanseur Arabians since its inception. Alex loves animals and in addition to her horse, has a Bengal cat named Midnight Diamante( aka Jet) who likes to play in water.

Alex likes to travel and is in the Frequent Flyers Club. There is no doubt that this beautiful young lady will succeed at anything she wants.

Greg Butterfield is not a stay-at-home horse dad. He loves to show his Arabian gelding SR Parysdisio (aka Disio) and shares lesson time with his daughter Alex. Together they attend the shows, go horse camping, watch movies, and spend a lot of time just being with each other.

Lisa Butterfield is the planner, the show organizer, stable manager; in short ~ the mom. But Lisa is also the brains behind one of the great breeding programs in the small-breeder world. Lisa is known for her vast memory of horses, bloodlines, and breeders. She can converse at length about the different attributes of each line and how different stallions would nick with different mares.  And Lisa loves to help people with their own programs.
Some of the other folks that live at WindDanseur Arabians are the venerable German Shepherd Britta, Midnight Diamante (Jet) the water-loving  Bengal cat, Cassidy the big yellow cat, and  Demi the Shelti (pictured here playing with Johara).




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