Congratulations to the new owners of Wind Danseur Arabian horses


Here at Wind Danseur Arabians, we breed Straight Egyptian Arabian horses that are sound and beautiful in body and mind.  We believe in "form to function" and strive to preserve the versatility, beauty, athleticism, and intelligence of these people-oriented  horses that have drawn devotees for more than 2500 years.  We love Arabian horses of all types ~ Egyptian, Polish, Russian, Crabbet, Domestic ~ and feel that all offer wonderful qualities.  We also own non- Egyptian Arabian horses but as our program has evolved, we have found ourselves drawn particularly to the specific bloodlines and strains of such exemplary straight Egyptian Arabians as El Hilal, Nabiel, The Egyptian Prince, Ansata Ibn Halima and Sameh.   We incorporate the Kuhaylan and Dahman strains through the bloodlines of such champion producing mares as Maar Hala, Bint Maisa el Saghira, Bint Sabah, Bukra, and Farida.  We have on occasion excellent, quality Arabian horses for sale and should we not have just exactly what you are looking for, we can help you find just the right horse for you.  Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have, and now...on to the horses!  

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